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A 9-12 month Journey of Deep, Personalized, Comprehensive Support

So many of us are waking up to the reality that we can’t bypass our bodies and still create what we’re here to create in the world.

Over time, even the most high-functioning folks will begin to feel and see the effects of not prioritizing their bodies, and the compounding effects will subtly build over time into breakdown and burnout.

Prioritizing our health is foundational.

Prioritizing our health is a homecoming.

Prioritizing our health is vital.

It’s a return to the space of deep intimacy with ourselves – opening the gateway for profound connection with our bodies, with others, with spirit, and with our fullest expression and deepest service.

There is truly no separation between the way we care for our bodies, and the ways we are then able to show up and care for others and our world.

VITAL is an invitation to open up to a world of revolutionary health.

VITAL is here to shift the baseline of your health towards experiencing…

♦ Ease in your body, restfulness in your mind, and resilience in your emotions

♦ Steady, grounded stability in your energy & emotions throughout the day

♦ Natural attunement to your body’s subtle shifts and attentiveness to what’s needed

♦ Mental clarity & deeper intuitive connection

♦ Easeful & fully integrated daily practices that nurture your vitality

♦ Ever-deepening liberation from physical symptoms

♦ More meaningful & clear focus on service, in alignment with your true nature of being.

♦ More internal spaciousness & freedom 

You’re ready for vital…

if you know there’s so much more available to you in this life, through prioritizing & nurturing the revolutionary vitality of your body…

if you have a deep longing to get to the core of your symptoms and imbalances to create a life that aligns with the true nature & fullest expression of your being…

if you have a longing for more depth and breadth of care, from your healthcare team and yourself…

if you’ve felt confused, overwhelmed, avoidant, or frustrated by your relationship with your body, health, and habits…

if you are ready to fully claim your health & vitality while being held in an intentional, supportive environment, by experienced, thoughtful practitioners…

When we work on our health we are also working deeply with our minds and emotions. They are all intertwined. This program is designed to address each in a way that supports the upward spiral of health. Our bodies know how to heal, especially when we can bring the capacities of our hearts into the healing process.

VITAL is a deep, personalized, comprehensive system reset

Comprehensive Support

This program includes Functional Medicine (including comprehensive lab testing and analysis), Health Coaching, and Introspective Action-Oriented Modules: The 3 vital areas that we have found maximize the effectiveness of any endeavor to improve one’s health.

When your physical body is healthy and vibrant, it supports the health of the entire system. VITAL can give you this foundational support.

Systemic Approach

We investigate and address our internal environments like Stress Management, Relationship to Body, Sense of Purpose, and many other mindset factors.

We examine our external environments and create systematic change to support the efficacy of the work.

We will look at everything from pantry clean out to creating healthier relationships and community connections.


Ritual Foundation

Based on your unique way of being, we support you in creating meaningful and intentional rituals that support long term wellness.

Ritual is foundational to this approach, because as humans, we unintentionally create habits that shape the structure of our lives. 

In VITAL, we focus on creating new intentional habits and rituals that support deep healing and sustainable health. Ritual is the primary tool that humans have used for hundreds of thousands of years to ground our intentions and guide them into reality.

Purpose Guided

When we restore our innate capacity to heal and generate energy, we are able to access and fulfill our purpose in life. With a clear mind and ample energy to take action our spirit can shine through and fully live out its purpose.

If you’re ready for Revolutionary Health, join VITAL

Program Curriculum

Assessment + Acceptance

Our starting point together, we take a deep look at how you currently feel; your symptoms, your emotional experience of life, your nervous system, your current habits, patterns, beliefs, etc.  

Then we work to create a relationship of acceptance for where you are now. Honoring all that has led you to this place, we reflect together on the challenges, the grief and loss, the accidents and injuries, the impact of your environment and the current perceptions that you hold.

We also take a deep look at your lab results and begin to develop your supplement protocol and lifestyle recommendations to support the fullest functioning of your bodily systems.

Taking in the full spectrum of the person that you are, we can begin to paint the picture for how we will work together for 12 months.

From here you can begin to feel into your vision for how you want to feel and show up in your life, for yourself, for your family and friends, and for your deeper life purpose.

This is your chance to choose how you want to show up for yourself, and in turn, for life and the world around you.

Are you ready to be more deeply aligned with your truest expression, creativity and aliveness?

This is your chance to drop into devotion to your life…and to life itself.

Nutrition + Nourishment

We approach nutrition though relationship with food and self rather than through restriction or dieting.

Developing a two-way communication flow between you and your body, and for that matter between food and your mind, body, emotions, and essence.

Typically, our relationship with food is embedded within the relationship of all of our parts, including our childhood parts, adolescent parts, our rebel, our perfectionist, etc. Our emotions are often intertwined with how, when, what and how much we eat.

Slowing down and examining how we relate to food, and how our bodies, minds and emotions respond to certain food can be an illuminating experience. 

From there, we use the wisdom that comes from you (all of your parts) and your relationship to food to determine our approach. 



Visioning + Ritual

Dropping into depth of intention and the sacredness of your life, we dig deeper into what you currently understand about your deeper purpose and your deeper desire for your service to your family, community, and the world around you.

How does your body need to feel in order to offer your gifts more fully to the world?

What does your life need to look like?

What kind of support do you need?

How do you want to feel in your day to day life? 

What does it mean to you to live a life of sacred purpose or revolutionary creation?  

Nervous System + Nurturance

Your nervous system is essentially a complex communication system in the body. Not unlike the game of “telephone”, messages can get obscured and distorted along the way.

We can get activated or even triggered by a sound, a comment, a feeling or an energy around us. Our relationship to stress (including our perception of it), often dictates how we experience the moments of our lives.

Navigating the complexities of your nervous system requires both a top down and bottom up approach. We examine the way your brain talks to your body and the way your body talks to your brain. 

Along with working with the nervous system we must also look at if (and how) you receive nurturance. This is often a missing (and overlooked) puzzle piece in the reality of our health.

Practices might include meditation, working with the vagus nerve, tapping, etc. 



Enough said. 

Just rest. 

Review or catch up on previous modules only if that helps you rest…or…just rest.



Slow down.

Schedule rest time.

Ask for support…so you can REST.

Just stop doing…even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

No where to be.

Just be.





Movement + Embodiment

Movement…Embodiment…did you think I was going to say exercise?

Yes, exercise is proven to be good for your health. However, many of us hear the word exercise and either feel avoidant, intimidated or bored. Most of us won’t keep doing something that we don’t like or that we feel obligated to do.

On the other hand, some people become addicted to exercise and without proper supplementation, unknowingly deplete their bodies of vital nutrients. 

We have to break down all the old patterns, stories, habits and pressure around exercise. Then we can have FUN!

Our approach to exercise is through finding movement and experiences that have a positive impact on our bodies and that bring us closer to full presence in our bodies. 

By creating routine and intention with movement that we love, we expand our experience of health.

By incorporating new experiences that that bring movement, presence and joy, we expand our experience of health.  

By moving towards living in an embodied way, we expand our experience of health.  

Connection + Community

We all know about the importance of connection, we understand in very personal ways how much our relationships impact our health…in positive and not so positive ways. 

How much time do you spend creating healthy connection, truly listening to your loved one, sharing your heart? 

Are you prioritizing content or connection?

Do you know how to ask for what you need?  

Are you seeking and tending to supportive friendships and community?

Have you implemented intentional, thoughtful communication and dynamics into your family culture?

Are you having fun in your relationships?


Home + Energetics

Our experience of home is foundational to our health. We look at not only the products you use in your household and on your body but also the energetics of what it means to feel at home in your house and in your body.

Do you surround yourself with objects that support you or distract you?

What you choose to have around you and on your body reflects what you value. It also often dictates whether you feel disoriented or clear, scattered or at ease.

Do you currently feel like you live in a house or in your home?

Do you treat your body as your enemy or as your temple?

Reflect + Re-Vision

It’s time to take a spin around and look at how far you’ve come!  

You have spent 12 months exploring your inner and outer landscape, looking deeper at what truly aligns for your life, taking your health into your own hands and feeding your body with nutrients, nutrition and movement that helps you feel your deepest expression and aliveness. You have created foundational rituals and habits that will support you for many years, hopefully even for a lifetime. 

Health is a lifelong devotional practice, a commitment to listening, an ongoing exploration of self and surroundings. 

What is the next step in your life of devotion and revolutionary creativity? 

What will best serve you and your body next as you serve life? 





What is included:

  • 9-12 months of Healing Support done 100% virtually (with time off in July & December)
  • Complete Health Overview: Intake Session with Kelly Kessen, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist
  • In-Depth Lab Result Review with Kelly Kessen (at the beginning of the program and after re-testing at the end of the program).
  • Follow-up Sessions with Kelly Kessen
  • Personalized Care Plan Protocol (including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations)
  • Optional Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Sessions (With Audra Prewitt)
  • Onboarding Support and Program Guidance
  • Easy tracking of Lab Results, Protocols and Recommendations through a secure platform
  • Continued Contact with Kelly through the secure virtual messaging portal
  • Progress and Reflection Workbook pdf – with intentional journal prompts, supplement and symptom tracking, monthly Intentional Ritual Planning
  • 15% off Nutritional Supplements

At Home Lab Testing (priced separately):

3 Functional Medicine Lab Kits (performed in the comfort of your own home)

  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile – This saliva collection tests your cortisol rhythm through 4 samples throughout the day. It also tests another major hormone, DHEA, which together shows how well your stress response and HPA axis is functioning  (*Dutch Plus available for an additional cost)
  • GI Map – The GI-MAP is the most accurate, comprehensive DNA stool analysis on the market. It tests for pathogens (bacterial, parasitic, viral), as well as indicators of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function.
  • Metabolomix – This urine sample offers great insight into the performance of your major metabolic functions such as: Cellular Energy & Mitochondria, B-Vitamins, Neurotransmitters, Toxins & Detoxification, Malabsorption and Dysbiosis, Oxalates

What participants are saying:

“This program is a DEEP dive inward!! During this program I was able to witness and identify certain internal habits, beliefs and patterns, or as I like to call them “weeds,” that were impacting the health and well-being of my internal soil. With proper nutrition, supplements customized for myself, and a belt that got filled with useful “life tools,” I have become a better landscaper to my internal world! Thank you Renewing You folks!!!!”

– Sandy

“Renewing You is exactly what I needed to make important changes in my life! The lab tests provided scientific information so supplements could be tailored to my needs. The coaching sessions with Audra and virtual appointments with Kelly helped guide me in the changes I wanted to make to meet my goals. The zoom sessions with the group provided connection and support with lovely people. This program was the catalyst that helped me turn a difficult time in my life into an opportunity for positive change and personal growth. I can honestly say I’m a better human being for having met and worked with Kelly and Audra, they are two incredibly compassionate and intelligent women!”

– Katie

“I’m so glad I decided to participate in the Renewing You Program! Working closely with Kelly and Audra helped improve my life in many ways over our time together. I now have a better understanding of what my body needs and received the support I needed to make lasting lifestyle changes. I highly recommend the program and working with these talented women.”

– Sami

Your Support Team

Kelly Kessen

Functional Medicine Practitioner + Program Lead

I’m your guide on this journey as you deepen into relationship with yourself and into alignment with health.  Along with my team, we will support you on your path to greater freedom in your body and balance in your life. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to share my way with you, so that we can all find more aligned expression as well as gentleness with ourselves and with this sweet Earth we walk upon.


Audra Prewitt

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Integrative health coaching brings together everything I love- helping people find their path through what they eat, how they move, what they value, what they do and who they love. This is my passion and purpose in life- giving people the space, time and support to find the answers to why they’ve gotten stuck and how to get going again in a way that shines their light brighter than ever.

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor, my purpose in this program is helping you remember your best self and create the life you want. My desire is to help you reconnect to your own healing wisdom and offer you the inspiration you need to make incremental changes that add up to the transformation you crave.

Our greatest passion is to serve and support Revolutionary Creators – folks who care deeply about our world, and are actively engaged in imaging and offering solutions and pathways towards a better world for all.

We know that when we serve you well, you serve the world well.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Whether one or many of the following are true for you, VITAL is designed to support you if:

♦ You know there’s so much more vitality available to you, but you’ve been too busy, too unclear, or too unsupported to find the pathway there

♦ You’ve seen doctors and they can’t find anything “wrong”, yet symptoms still persist

♦ Food sensitivities plague your daily life

♦ You believe your anxiety or depression has a physical component

♦ You’ve been using antidepressants for years and have to keep increasing the dose

♦ You have tried to treat chronic fatigue unsuccessfully

♦ You believe you might have a hormone imbalance that needs to be addressed

♦ You just feel soooo tired

♦ Mood swings seem to run your life

♦ You can’t lose weight even though you eat healthy and exercise like crazy

♦ You’ve been trying for years to achieve balance in your health and feel there is something hidden holding you back

♦ You hope to eliminate or reduce the use of prescriptions medications

♦ You want to address hidden inflammation and oxidative stress, the root causes of many chronic diseases

♦ You want to be proactive about your future health

What’s Included:

  • 9-12 Months of Healing Support (with time off in July and December)
  • Complete Health Overview: Intake Session with Kelly Kessen, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Licensed Acupuncturist
  • In-Depth Lab Result Review Sessions (at the beginning of the program and after re-testing at the end of the program).
  • Option for: Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Sessions (With Audra Prewitt)
  • Personalized Care Plan Protocol (including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations)
  • Onboarding Support and Program Guidance
  • Easy tracking of Lab Results, Protocols and Recommendations through a secure platform 
  • Progress and Reflection Workbook pdf – with intentional journal prompts, supplement/symptom tracking, monthly Intentional Ritual Planning
  • 15% off Nutritional Supplements


Who this is for:

  • You are either early-on in your health-reset journey, or you are approaching this with a beginner’s mind
  • While you may have tried many things, you know that your own dedication to the process is crucial
  • You’re aware that a combination of intuition-led support, practical support for making health-supportive changes is key to your success
  • You know that in order to make progress, you need more support and accountability with your lifestyle changes

What’s included:

4 x VITAL Sessions with Kelly (60-75 mins each) 

Lab Review Sessions with Kelly (up to 3 @ 30 mins each)

6 x Health Coaching Sessions with Audra Prewitt (60 mins) 


Who this is for:

  • You have a good understanding of health, and have made many positive lifestyle changes over the years
  • You desire in-depth, intuition-led support from Kelly
  • You take good care of your body but you are craving a much deeper and more attuned relationship with it, and a nuanced understanding of how you can work with your unique body and energy
  • You’re a self-starter, and are naturally inclined to take on health-supportive changes without resistance, you know that your own dedication to the process is crucial  

What’s included:

10 x VITAL Sessions with Kelly (60-75 mins each)

Lab Review Sessions with Kelly (up to 5 @ 30 mins each)

Our fees are required to properly sustain this intimate, small-scale & deep work. However, if an extended payment-plan would be supportive, or you would need one of our 3 sliding scale spots to join, please email kelly@kellykessen.com to inquire.